Sivusto ei tue käyttämääsi selainta. Suosittelemme selaimen päivittämistä uudempaan versioon.


I’m is an artist living and working in Vantaa. I have worked with art since 1999 when I started my art education in Vantaa aikuisopisto. As teachers I’ve had f.ex. Tiina Kivinen, Mauri Villberg, Ulla Kuronen and Pekka Rytkönen. I joined Vantaa Artists Association in 2006. I’m member also in Art associations Tapaus and KuumArt and Finnish watercolour association.

Working methods

My working method is very inspired, and I’m impulsive with my work. Often painting has a starting point that gives it the main idea but as the work continues the intuition and need for harmony takes place.

In graphics I use things from nature, plants and other items. Beauty and complexity of these little things are shown in final painting many of which are single prints.

In my aquarelles the colours are playing and mixing with other colours and so making interesting new surfaces and forms. In many paintings you can see cities and people rushing from one place to another. Nature is strongly present in my aquarelles.

Acrylics as a working method is a new acquaintance. In 2017 I started a course of acrylics. In these artworks I found new rich colours and fresh touch to make art. You can see new enthusiasm and joy in these paintings.

“I use many different colours, but I always want that the painting to be harmonious. My favourite colours are earth like but with this new technic, acrylics, I have found many bright and strong new colours into my life.”